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The Maryland Military Historical Society (MDMHS) is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit entity formed to advise and assist the Adjutant General and the Executive Director on the governance, programming, and planning for the operations of the Maryland Center for Military History (MDMCH).


The MDMHS regularly performs fund-raising to help defray some of the costs of operations and programming at the Center and specifically in the Maryland Museum of Military History, which is housed at the Fifth Regiment Armory in Baltimore, MD.


The MDMHS also provides volunteers to work with the MDMCH and the Museum to research, document and preserve the military history of Maryland from the inception of the colony in 1634 to the present day. In addition, MDMHS volunteers support the museum and special Maryland military events, acting as docents interpreting the rich history of the Maryland military.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

To research, preserve, perpetuate, and interpret to the public Maryland’s military history.

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Our Vision

The Maryland Military Historical Society will be widely recognized as a preeminent institution of Maryland Military history, a thriving center for research and learning, and a respected voice for the importance of understanding our state’s past.

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